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Our postal service….why?

If anyone reads the ratings on line about AUSTPOST,  they are overhelming: 1.7/5 on 1824 reviews, of them 1280 people rated the service as 1….


Reasons I encountered:

Some years ago, in order to put some order in place a CEO was hired from the bank business but it does not seem to be working and look what he earns……


Australia has a very low one figure inflation but the cost of the service goes up whether the oil prices go up or down, time of delivery is longer, want it as before?, you got to pay more., one out of ten employees shows interest attending public, very few offices are friendly, they seem to make you a favor when you get there to post something.

If it is a letter you have no way to send it but by Austpost but if you have a parcel, you better read this:

All packages are more expensive by AP than by any Courier, take more time in transit and most likely they arrived crashed….

A 1 Kg box with a pair of shoes, interstate,  will cost you around 20$ by AP but if you use a Courier or a courier service like smartsend, they send you one of the couriers they work with to pick up the unit at home, the shipment is cheaper (less than 18$ the above) and time of delivery is up to two days. By the way they sent this time the Courier of Austpost, Star Track, so the Courier earns its share, Smartsend earns its share and even so the package is cheaper and picked up at home, ah, you do not have to wrap it if you do not want, it travels safe and sound. With bigger packages the difference turns bigger and bigger.

As everywhere, the Government is the worst entrepreneur of all, in democracy, in socialist-comunist schemes, in dictatorships, why is this happening in Australia? I know why, and you?