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Same shit, different flies….

I am a newbie  In Australian politics but  I am about to see the 6th Prime Minister in 6 years, that does not sound good anywhere. In this Parliamentary Democracy you do not vote for a Prime Minister, the Party decides who is he going to be. A supposed party leader and leadership can change within a year if the “party” considers the present  one will not lead them to a new winning election. In merely 3 years of government, the first one is typically devoted to clean the house mess left by the previous one, the second year trying to amend tand propose new ways of action and the third year is devoted on how to win again.

I am told that I vote for a candidate in my electoral area, an MP (house of representatives, 150 in total), the most MPs for a party determines who the PM will be and you need 76/100, under that you have a hung parliament, meaning deadlock  followed by  alliances with opposition minority parties, a win win for them, not for the Country. The worst is that I really do not cast a vote for the  candidate I consider suitable, I am obliged to put numbers or preferences  (1 to 6 or 1 to12), so I have to give “points” not only to my candidate but to the others, like in a beauty contest, a system well designed to keep in the game the rubbish of Australian politics, never going to happen for me. I do not want to bring in here the names and activities proposed by some minority parties  because I feel ashamed as an Australian for that, really ashamed, do not confuse liberty with license.

So…..in our own way the last decade of australian leadership goes from one peak of crisis to another, pleasing groups of “voters”, a growing unemployment, public health where you can wait years to be seen if it is not a “deadly situation”, among other substancial issues. Politicians do not have a Nation plan for the future, they are just grabbing $ from everywhere to cover the immense debts acquired by arrogant and ignorant representatives that are the best paid in the world. If this sounds familiar to anyone who has lived in a 3rd world country for as long as I had….yes same shit, different flies. The worst mankind has done is to let “politicians” (yes, lowercase) rule their countries and ruin their lives.