Footprint of mankind

The “first man standing” is recognized by science to  be 7 million years old, although many say that humans became people about 70.000 years ago when they  started to leave evidence of art and caring for the deads. Modern man (Homo sapiens, in italica), about 15 to twenty thousand years of age. Besides bones,  that will be fossils some time, as other living organisms have left, man will leave a collection of man-made artifacts, as well as the result of its actions and intervention  over the environment, wars and more.

What do you thing is the most likely human footprint mankind will leave on the planet when we will be just another species who passed by thru  the geological  history of earth? How much will it last?


One thought on “Footprint of mankind”

  1. I recommend the book “the world without us” by Alan Weisman, he touches this point exactly, and surprisingly, after 200 000 years, there will be little to remember us by, some glass, and some pieces of stainless steel, and a little screwed atmosphere, thankfully not much else.

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