Global warming, a lost war?

Are we loosing the the war against global warming?, yes…. ignorance, apathy and personal interests are winning.

The 6th mass extinction began with the last ice age and now it’s being catalyzed by man on a geometric progression. Honest scientists agree with the evidence so far. Dishonest scientists (there are a bunch who sold their soul to the devil), politicians and big economic powers deny the truth because they can not see beyond their own generation, do not want to see, do not care beyond that. Ignorance and stupidity of the people (who associate dinosaurs to cavemen) help them a lot with their behavior. The results are obvious, when the conveyor belt that regulates the temperature on far north and south of the globe will really slow down, we will have a new ice age, now with 8 to 10 billion people instead of the few millions of 10.000 years ago, with depleted resources of all kind, famine, lack of water, deserted oceans and more. Apocalyptic, yes it is,  but the scientific evidence so far and the projection based on it shows no bright future. How many honest people in the world know about this? Is there a future? Emissions control right now is like a band aid put on a terminal ill patient and since advertising controls the mind of the week, there is no doubt about what will happen.

2 thoughts on “Global warming, a lost war?”

  1. One of the biggest problems in the U.S. , is the group of religious people mostly associated, although not exclusively, with evangelism. They reject scientific knowledge and evidence, time and time again. And worst of all are their politicians and church representatives, who are very interested in keeping these religious people with a Middle Ages attitude toward science. Their motto, “God will provide”, and their means of action, “pray for a better future”, is a demonstration of how doom our planet is.

    1. We might expect this type of behavior in 3rd world countries with a low level of education and access to the important things that gives them a decent standard of life. Unfortunately fanatism do not choose and all who are fanatic do not use their brain, in a country whre you can found a church and stupid people maintain the status of these filibusters, there is no hope…

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