The Farmer, the Boy and the Donkey

In the Dreamtime there was a farmer and his family, wife and little son. He farmed his land kilometres away every morning and was home on late afternoon. He decided it was about time to begin teaching his son the art of farming to maintain his family so he decided to take his son with him to the land every dawn, together with the donkey he uses to deliver the produce. After a hard day’s work they headed back home, he was used to the walk so he puts his son atop the donkey and began the long way home. They had to pass several villages before reaching theirs, when passing the first one they were able to hear the people murmuring: “that is not a good boy, his poor old father is walking while he sits comfortable on the animal back”. The farmer decides then to go himself on the donkey a let the boy walk before him. Passing another village the rumors started again: “that is not a good father, his poor son goes on foot while he rides the donkey” . After that the farmer decides that both will ride the donkey. Passing another village people say: “Very unfair, the poor donkey has to carry two bodies on him”. After that the farmer decides that both go on foot pulling the donkey with the leash. Then they pass by the last village before theirs and people talks again: “how stupid these people are, they have a donkey and do not use it”…. So is Mankind….

MAN, a mistake In Evolution?

During the last four billion years when the first unicellular organisms started life on earth, Nature has done countless experiments on evolution, millions of them have not been successful and the species evolved from it had a short living path on the Planet, in geological terms.
The successful ones produced, among millions of species, the dinosaurs (150 million y.o.), crocs, turtles, birds and mammals, only to talk about big vertebrates. Man started as Homo perhaps 7 million years ago but became modern man about a hundred thousand years back and the final evolution took shape after the last ice age, barely 10.000 years ago, the only Homo species alive.
What is the future of man as a species? Despite ALL other organisms, man can think, is able to design and construct things, create art and culture, Science and Technology, Health and medicines, but at what price? Man is specially good destroying stuff, especially the Nature around them for his own short term benefit. In fact man is the only living organism that do not follow the principles of Nature, a paradox after having tried for millenia to understand how it works. Despite all knowledge available we do not know but a nano-fraction of Nature and in general terms we do not care, we behave as if the Universe revolves around us.
What is the expectancy of man’s life on earth? Minimal if compared with modern living animals, besides that, man make things easy for Nature, killing among themselves and polluting or consuming the resources needed for their survival. Man will not stand another thousand years, thinking very optimistically. Man seem to be one of those mistakes of Nature in terms of Evolution.