Celebrities, seeding the anti-values?

A “celebrity” is a “famous person” that drives attention to the public by the media.

Fame does not mean becoming a celebrity, unless you do something to attract the attention of the public and the media, the more scandalous or outrageous is the performance of the famous, the more attract attention and idolatry of the crowd. Celebrities are mostly politicians, millionaires, people from the world of sports and entertainment, we live the era of celebrities, not the electronic age, as many of us would like to think.

Idolatry is the key word here. While attending primary school, I learned that one only adore God, if you have one, and the Saints (if available in your religion) deserve veneration. Today that concept has been twisted, commonly we hear the “celebrities” idolazing people, things, situations. The downside is that many people copy them. It is a known fact that the loss of parental guidance on their children and teachers on their students (thanks to Psychologists), together with the huge and ominpotent media influence, go towards avoiding the family and school values, accepting the “more comfortable” from the media, whatever they are, actually the anti values. You can find on Ebay or other auctions the widest variety of “things used or excreted by “celebrities”, with its certificate of authenticity….grouse and sad, people pay for that.

Above all, although the “celebrity” might use drugs, produce frequent scandals of all kind, marries and divorces many times, cheats on the partner, commit suicide or can be killed or die under suspicious circumstances, all of it is forgiven because it was and will be (after death), more famous and movies, music, videos, books, biography, will cost much more and the heirs war to the death will be to get a slice of inheritance. The convenient side of history will only remember the good, not the bad, and the media will take care of it to achieve its goal: sell, sell, sell to whom are under the influence of celebrities. How convenient is accepting the ease, the immediate, instead of the hard work to get goals. The truth is that, in my opinion, idolizing “celebrities” is a way to get to the surface a human quality that was perhaps hidden centuries ago, a giant shallowness that I would say is the quality that best defines the human kind, at least the majority of those living in urban centres, bombarded by the media aggressively in many ways.

Canola, good or evil?

There has been a great controversy, now for decades, about the subject. Chemically it looks like a great product but, being a Chemist, I am perfectly aware on how man turn and twist Chemistry for its benefit. It is widely used in the industry and many, many precooked products, especially fries, are done in canola oil. When you read this info on a bottle: “made out of vegetable oils”, it is mostly canola. There is not conclusive evidence on how it affects many people’s health but…. when in doubt…abstain. Having on the market olive oil, corn and sunflower oil, I will not risk my health or my family’s with such genetically developed rape seed. Will you?