Good News, Bad News

Nowadays we well know that “news” means bad news and the few good ones are modified to suit the primary objective of the penny press, more publicity and more income. Worse than that is to take advantage of the decline of the school and the family as institutions creating false values that are easily absorbed by teenagers, making them more and more superficial, easier to guide to suit their interests by consumerism and way far from the important values of life. The worst … the creation of a monster: the “worship” to show business artists, the “celebrities” what appears to be the highest pedestal in the present human scale.

The internet has helped very effectively in this pernicious deviation because people end up being manipulated to believe that everything that is published is true and the snowball down the slope grows and grows, we know the results.

If you are an adult not prepared enough to adequately filter such influences, it is healthy to avoid them, you will gain health, self-esteem and better quality of life. Difficult, of course, but the decision is in your hands. If you have kids and do nothing to guide them thru this jungle of the modern world, be prepared for the worst, to see your children in the news…….

Story from the Natural World?: how to survive for decades like parasites do…

Since I am aware of, a Caribbean Country ruled by a vicious dictatorship corrupt to the core, after a coup of state switches on late fifties to a communist dictatorship and survives suckling from the Soviets, why?, because they were interested in having a Troy Horse near USA. They intervene in other countries, many dozen of thousands were murdered in their own country and overseas (guerrilla wars), many escaped to the North, being because of an Act many of us are not able to understand.

When this “host” is gone in 1990 they get a mediocre poor minded lieutenant, who needed brain support (and brain surgery) for its “revolution” and they invade a country on the uppermost part of South America. Thus survived for another two decades until they see the imminent bankruptcy of the country and they realize that they need another “host” to suckle from. Now they get together with The Big Brother of the North to survive.

What is Big Brother getting on this “join venture”?

Why pact with a country whose Dictator did the possible and impossible to hurt them?

What is behind all of this?

One thing is for sure; it is not for humanitarian reasons…

Meanwhile the “always supported corrupt regime will continue suckling from others as if it was their mission on Planet Earth…..