Computers and Global Warming

Any computing device takes its energy from the electricity network or from a battery charged from there, each time you hit a key, touch your screen or use your mouse you are putting in motion a complex array of parts generating heat, transforming electric energy into a non usable form or energy….heat, as any other light sources, appliances and thousands of other gear we use on this modern world. We are talking of hundreds of millions (if not billions) of computers, tablets, phones, wifi networks and more. One might argue that if these devices did not exist we probably might be using still more energy but….is there any way to quantify it?

We are taking the carbon of the Cretaceous buried in the earth’s crust and pumping it into the atmosphere at an alarming uncontrolled rate and we are avoiding using natural infinite resources like sun and wind because we can’t “see” beyond our generation….or we do not care.