Birdwatcher or bird counter?

Forty years ago, being a Birdwatcher meant a great deal, love for Nature and a superlative appreciation for birds and everything they represent on the planet. Trekking or staying in a blind watching birds, listening to their songs and calls, enjoying the environments where they live, was and is a must. If anything compares to that it might be scuba diving.
Gradually everything changed, counting birds was about to become the obsession it is today, seeing (I reckon I saw it) or listening (I reckon I listened to it).....the important thing seems to be the "check list" at the end of the day. The bigger the list the more important we feel and if we are in a  250-1000$/day "Birdwatchers Trip"....well paid the money. The matter has reached such ridiculous proportions that some people say they "registered" over 300 birds per day, something almost impossible unless you are in a very big Zoo. By the way me must remember that birds are more frequently seen at dawn and dusk.
On my side, birding rapidly changed into bird photography,  publishing a book 10 years later. Then I switched to video and produced countless guides and documentaries, my footage has over 700 RECORDED species, evidence that not only have been seen but recorded (professionally): appearance, behavior and interaction with the environment and other species, something I consider not only a way to enjoy myself but being a important contribution to  the knowledge of present and future generations.

UN, OAS, EU and 59.997 more, good for something?

Given how helpless intergovernmental organizations seem to be on these days, starting with the UN, OAS, EU, I went to find how many of them are registered, to my shocking surprise …. 60,000 …
Watching the dramatic state of the world, one wonders what are these organizations for?, what is their practical purpose?, do the results justify its existence ? In the beginning probably the intentions were good and they achieved reasonable agreements, but what about today?
The theory :International cooperation and preventing conflicts.
Practice: do not prevent conflicts, the vast majority of their decisions are economic agreements supposedly for countries, but in reality turn out to be to strengthen the government in power with a view to new elections, they do not encourage democracy and other systems on non-democratic countries; the rich and the tyrants are buying decisions even in sports organizations, blackmailing is a common practice….So what do you think?

Social Media, expression of ignorance?

The emergence of smart phones and tablets immediately produced other “associated” great business: social media and apps, creating millions of Spielberg type film directors and Nat Geo type photographers that lowered the bar of communication to total mediocrity. Images of devices are now on the news, reality craps (sorry..shows) and so on.
The worst is the terrible use of the media,  while the owners get billionaires and people show their ignorance on the language, exposes their privacy and their family to the public, his loneliness, his stupidity, showing off, a total inability to adapt to new era where you can not write or publish just what you think, what you would send tell to someone privately, an era on which you or your reputation can be destroyed with a youtube video, an era on which the creators exploit users and they are happy being exploited, realizing it or not . More to come.