Act or die

The attached video has been circulating on the web and social media for a while. Terrorism and wars are justified by arguments of religious fanaticism, that rather than uniting people promote the destruction of Nature’s Biodiversity to bring the population of the world into chaos and disaster.

Spitting up and using an umbrella to avoid splashing us has been the behavior so far, we are deaf and blind to the reality before us.

The invasion of Islam is not only by wars, such as the Moors did in Europe in the VIII century, it  is being conducted quietly thanks to selfishness, ignorance and stupidity of mankind, with the complicity of politicians, governments and economic power.

We are heading back to a new era of Middle Ages in the 21st century, the only thing that might stop it is the continuous transformation of The Planet through natural disasters that might level it up.

More than 90 % of the species that have existed on the Earth are extinct, we are one of them that eventually will become extinct in the short or medium term. Earth still has 4.5 billion years to go, perhaps less selfish and more intelligent species will emerge and will go back to explain our absurd behavior.

The Neon Gods we made

Since Anthropologists and Archeologists started digging in our past as a species and we passed the bridge between oral transmission and written messages/drawings depicting the “human life”, we learned many things that we might consider were product of ignorance, fear, misunderstanding about Nature, life itself, life after death. I’ve asked myself many times if we have changed, then I remember a verse from the 1966 song of S&G (the sound of silence)… “and the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made” and I realize that we have not changed a bit. There is not much of a difference when comparing with our ancestors, now we bow and pray to the “gods of technology”, the “gods of the show business”, the gods of The political world”, the “gods of economy power” and the very same “gods of war”. How could one explain the act of sleeping on the streets to buy the new Iphone, bargains from a store, petrol on sale and lots of more behaviors that Einstein perfectly qualified as: man’s stupidity is infinitum!

Footprint of mankind

The “first man standing” is recognized by science to  be 7 million years old, although many say that humans became people about 70.000 years ago when they  started to leave evidence of art and caring for the deads. Modern man (Homo sapiens, in italica), about 15 to twenty thousand years of age. Besides bones,  that will be fossils some time, as other living organisms have left, man will leave a collection of man-made artifacts, as well as the result of its actions and intervention  over the environment, wars and more.

What do you thing is the most likely human footprint mankind will leave on the planet when we will be just another species who passed by thru  the geological  history of earth? How much will it last?