Double standards

There are many documentaries on penguins, especially about the King Penguin (BBC, Attemborough), even movies. One of the main features about its reproductive cycle is how do they prevent its egg from touching the freezed ground because the embryo would die instantly.

last week, when watching with my grandchildren one of the movies “normally” shown on children channels, I was amazed by a cartoon where penguins and some sort of a puppet, with a kid face in it, played along with an egg for the whole time as if it was a ball bumping on a snowy ground.. Nothing more absurd than telling the children the wrong way to go. I stayed for the credits and guess what….made by BBC.

About the famous Pepsi Beyonce’s Commercial

This is how the paradigm works:
Beyonce cashes millions for a Pepsi commercial of a drink she never drinks because it is dangerous by the chemical it contains (caffeine, phosphoric acid, etc.), she cares a lot about her body because it means many $$$$$.
The Company hires her for the commercial because she has millions of followers that buy her music, videos and go to her movies, meaning that millions of people will watch the commercial on TV and sales will increase. Unfortunately millions of teenagers fall into this category and it works, at least for some time.

Will Pepsi pick up the billions of cans thrown out into the environment by the “drinkers”. No……

Will Pepsi (and others) support a campaign to educate people to avoid littering?………No

Will you drink Pepsi because Beyonce does in the commercial?

Profit above all……this is the paradigm that reigns on Planet Earth.