115 minutes

This is a series of trips to discover Australia’s Natural Wonders created throughout evolution,  extraordinary geological formations, ancient forests, breathtaking cliffs, rugged mountains, slow running rivers, waterfalls, peaceful lagoons, the Outback. No wasting time with hosts or interviews or getting into cities, each episode is filled up with a great videography the Author already portrayed in many other South American Series with a conducting narration showing the Places, some Geology, Natural History, Fauna and Flora of the region, all this with a great music and direct sounds.
                  1-Tasmania, Beyond Imagination
                  2-Granite Belt Country
                  3-Australia, A Haven for Birds
                  4-Kangaroo Island, Wild and Untamed
                  5-From the South Seas  to the Red Centre


46-50 minutes

Cozumel, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas,  Morrocoy, Bonaire and Los Roques  are among the best diving sites in the Caribbean. Cozumel is the largest inhabited island of México and legendary since Jacques Cousteau made a documentary in 1961.  A trip to Chichén-Itzá shows us one of the best preserved Mayan ruins in the whole empire. The Cayman islands are renown among divers because of its vertical walls. One of the most thrilling experiences in the world is diving in Stingray City, an experience that will last forever. A visit to the Turtle Farm and the Botanical Gardens will give us another reason to visit Grand Cayman. The Bahamas is a well know destination for divers due to the many chances to see sharks and other big animals.  Dolphins, rays, turtles and sharks are to be seen in this documentary. From there we move to Morrocoy National Park, one of the most sought after places by scuba divers in the north eastern Venezuela.  Then we jump to the diving paradise of Bonaire, one of the three Dutch Caribbean jewels in the southern Caribbean and the home of the diving freedom. And to bring this adventure to a fitting close, Los Roques, discover how The Caribbean was three decades ago, healthy reefs, blue waters and thousands of fish.



30 minutes

THE CAPYBARA.- Although Neotropical fauna is characterized by an astounding wealth of species, it has very few large mammals. But, the evolutionary adaptation has lead to gigantic rodents. Including the largest in the world, the Capybara which may weight 130 pounds. This documentary summarizes over 10 years of research of the natural history of the Capybara and includes unpublished images of the biology and behavior of this South American colossus. The first and most comprehensive audiovisual documentary produced on the Capybara in Venezuela.

THE OILBIRD, THE HOATZIN, THE ORINOCO CROC.- The Oilbird and the Hoatzin are strange animals of the tropics. In these short films we can watch their Natural History, together with the breeding in captivity of Orinoco Croc, a joined effort to bring him back from the endangered list of species.


46-50 minutes

Get on board with us on a cruise ship to visit this amazing laboratory of Nature. A journey through the islands of Seymour, Española, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Santa Cruz, Fernandina and Santiago. We will show you the extraordinary and unique animals inhabiting this environment, their natural behavior free from human intervention. If you go to Galápagos, if you where already  there or if you wish to get a view of what is in  there, this is it.  A must.


37 minutes

A compilation of 38 outstanding species of mammals of the Orinoco-Amazon area plus others of the pacific slopes of Los Andes and the Galapagos islands. Possums, Armadillo, Sloth, anteaters, ten species of monkeys, seven species of rodents, including the biggest ones in the world like capybaras and agoutis, Ocelot, Puma, Jaguarundi and Jaguar, foxes, the Spectacled Bear, Kinkajou, Coati, Tayra, the Tapir, seals from Galapagos and more. A 37 minutes video with music and ambient sounds, the name of each species in English and Spanish, stunning close ups, most animals shot in the wild. Entertaining and educational. A cue sheet attached.

60 minutes

25 years capturing Nature on Film

Close-ups, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Invertebrates, Flowers, Sunsets, People in Action, Submarine, Spectacular Landscapes, Rivers and Waterfalls, a unique collection that deserves an outstanding place in your Video Library.


50 minutes

ANGEL FALLS - Forty percent of Venezuelan territory lies southern the Orinoco, the Guiana Highlands, part of the Pre-Cambrian Shield which is one of the oldest rock formations in the Planet. The adventure starts in the Canaima lagoon with a dozen waterfalls coming down from the Carrao river highs. From there the expedition to Angel Falls takes place. We experience rushing rivers, peaceful savannas, dangerous rapids, immense massifs, lush vegetation, orchids and rare animals in this trip to the highest falls in the world. PARÁ FALLS.-The Caura reserve is one of the most pristine ecosystems in South America. This documentary shows the trip to the Pará Falls, a little known spot in the Caura Reserve. About a dozen falls a hundred feet tall form a lagoon where the only noises we hear are those of the water and jungle around it. Fascinating landscapes of the river, jungles, islands, fauna of the region and indian villages.


50 minutes

THE FLOW OF THE TIDES.- We will feel the flow of the tides, will encounter flooded jungles with a fauna and flora characteristics, piranha fishing, canoeing, a warao indian shaman ceremony, warao houses and handicrafts and a whole chapter of jungle wisdom lectured by a warao guide. Roots, trees, saps, leaves, barks, vines to cure diseases, to dig canoes, to make handicrafts, to communicate with people and much more.

KAYAKING THE DELTA.-Five intrepid expeditionaries take the decision to kayak the Orinoco Delta in a 200 miles journey along seven days. They jump into the kayaks with minimum luggage, food and support gear to chase rain, the burning sun, chill, and adversity to test themselves to their limits in this never made journey to the Atlantic ocean to arrive to the Atlantic coast in front of the island of Trinidad.

More than 5 years of behavioral research and field work has led to this extraordinary documentary that contains the most striking features of hummingbirds. Recordings  in high-definition video in Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú and Brazil. Over 60 stunning species of hummingbirds, close-ups, action clips, the relationship with the flowers. A unique piece in its style, so updated and modern that is meant to be a landmark and a reference in Conservation, Education and Entertainment. 


46-50 minutes

We will go to the best wild places in the Country and will experience many different activities alongside it, starting at the northernmost part, the Paraguaná peninsula. From there going south will stop at Coro. Going east there is the Morrocoy National Park and from there will travel to the middle of the Country where we will enjoy the plenty wildlife of the Orinoco floodable plains, the Llanos. Then we go to the Andes for the best adventure sports. The third segment take us through the amazonian forest to the Autana Tepui. The fourth segment guides us to the southern Orinoco. Will travel on the Caura river to reach the Pará Falls. Then there is the Canaima National Park, and the Gran Sabana, Doyle´s Lost World come true. The fifth segment starts in the Orinoco Delta where we will be told about the secrets of the rainforest by a Warao indian guide. Then going north we will stop at La Cueva del Guácharo. At last but not least there is Los Roques, one of the few still virgin spots in the Caribbean.

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