Panasonic Lumix GH5  & G7

SLR Magic 8mm F4.0

Olympus    9-18mm F4-5.6

Panasonic 14-42mm F3.5-5.6

Panasonic 12-60mm F2.8-4

Olympus   12-50  F4-6.6 (PZ)   

Panasonic 45-175mm F4-5.6 (PZ)

Olympus   75-300mm F4,8-6.7

Panasonic 100-400mm F4-6.3

Imac 27" (2013), Quad 3.40, 2GB Graphics, 32GB Ram, FCPX, Lightroom, PhotoShop, PSE, LRTLapse, 20TB Raids and solo drives

Macbook Air 2014


Carlo Ferraro

Carlo Ferraro was born in Italy in 1944 but lived for six decades in Venezuela where he emigrated with his parents in 1949. He was a lecturer and researcher at Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas for 25 years. He retired in 1995, to devote himself to what he loves most: Nature. Carlo began his career as a photographer in 1975 and in 1993 published Venezuela, Paradise for Birds. Since then, he's developed a prolific career producing hundreds of documentaries and videos on many different areas, especially Nature, Wildlife and Ecotravel, on land and underwater, for TV and Cable, for Tourism operations and for the web. Some of his recent works can be seen in his website. Among his achievements there are more than 550 species of birds and over 120 of hummingbirds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and marine life. He is relocated in Australia since 2010 starting  new projects on Wildlife, Travel and Birds. A guide to Australian Birds (250+ species), 10 documentaries of the series Australia's Natural Wonders). At present doing Time lapse videos and wildlife footage.


Daniel Ferraro

Daniel Ferraro started doing wildlife photography at the age of 13 by the hand of Dad, a few years later he began doing video camera, then soon after that  he went by himself. He graduated in Journalism in 1994. Daniel worked in Broadcasting Radio, in Press and Teaching. He did a lot of camera on location, steadycam, direction of photography and editing, as well as live direction and multicamera switching in concerts and many events.  After year 2000  he improved his skills in Avid Editing, Premier and Vegas. He trained in  graphic design and 2D and 3D Animation (real or virtual images) with  Autodesk 3D Max, Discreet Combustion, among others.  Creative mind, experience and passion are the key elements in his work. He is open to any job offer where he can show all his abilities.... Now located in Italy.

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